About Me and My Blog

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Hi there! I’m Radu.

I’ve been working online for 9 years, focusing on websites and blogging, and pretty much everything related to them (SEO, optimization, performance, etc.).

My main expertise is with WordPress (.org), for which I wrote tutorials and offered services on my former website, ThemeSkills.com, which I sold in 2019.

Selling my website offered me the chance to take some time off and dive into web development, which I always wanted to learn. With what I learned, I managed to develop WP Site Icons, a tool that lets you generate WordPress site icons from text, for free.

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Why Did I Create WebStoked

First, because a lot of things that I have to deal with are related to websites in general, not strictly to WordPress. So, there were a lot of topics that didn’t fit on my former WordPress blog. Therefore, I thought that this blog would be a good place to tackle different situations that I bump into and provide guides that would help out others.

Secondly, because I wanted a blog where I can write for pleasure. I wanted to write when I want, what I want, and how much I want, without stressing about keywords, trends, competition, content length, monetization, and so on. And let me tell you, it feels damn good!