How to Change Your Fiverr Gig Category

I don’t know when this was implemented or why, but Fiverr won’t let you change the category of a published gig anymore.

You’ll get this error:

You can’t change your Gig category once your gig was published.

error change gig category fiverr

That’s frustrating if you chose the wrong category or a new, more suitable one appeared and you want to switch.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution for this, and I’ll show it to you.

Change the Category of Your Fiverr Gig

Step 1

Click on your user image and go to My Profile.

Fiverr my profile

Step 2

Go to Gigs.

fiverr gigs

Step 3

Select your gig by checking the box next to it, then click on the drop-down arrow.

select active gig fiverr

Step 4

Select Pause from the drop-down menu.

pause fiverr gig

Step 5

Go to Paused gigs.

paused gigs fiverr

Step 6

Select the gig again and click on the drop-down arrow as you did at step 3, but click Edit now.

edit paused gig fiverr

Step 7

You can now change your Fiverr gig category!

change fiverr gig category

Step 8 – Final

Activate your gig again by selecting it and clicking the Activate button.

activate fiverr gig
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That’s a Wrap

I hope this guide helped you out!

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