How to Disable the Automatic List Detection in Google Docs

One thing that annoys me a lot in word processors, not just in Google Docs, is the auto-indent feature for lists.

Every time I type in 1. and hit Space, boom! It starts a numbered list.


If I want a list, I want to select it myself.

Luckily, in Google Docs, there’s an option that lets you turn off the automatic list detection.

Turn Off the Automatic Lists Feature in Google Docs

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Go to Tools > Preferences.

preferences google docs

Step 2

Uncheck the Automatically detect lists box.

disable automatically detect lists in google docs

That’s it!

Make sure you don’t uncheck the box with the links, because it’s easy to confuse them. They look very similar, and if you don’t pay attention, you might turn off the wrong one.

You can still create bullet or numbered lists if you disable that option, don’t worry!

But now, you’ll just need to click on the list button first.

numbered list in google docs
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That’s a Wrap

I hope this guide helped you out, and you managed to disable the automatic list detection feature in Google Docs!

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