How to View a Web Page’s HTML Source Code in Android

Viewing a web page’s HTML source code in an Android browser is easy, but not that easy as it is on a PC.

On a PC, you just need to right-click anywhere on the web page and select View page source or something like that (depends on the browser).

You can also use a keyboard shortcut (e.g. Ctrl+U), depending on the browser and OS.

On your Android phone, you’ll need to use another method.

You need to manually insert view-source: in front of the web page’s URL, in your browser’s address bar, like this:

web page html source code chrome andorid

I’m using Chrome on my Android phone, as most of you do, so I’m sure it works 100% there. And I’m pretty sure it works on Firefox as well.

It should work on other Android browsers, too. I don’t see why not.

There might be some apps that allow you to view a web page’s HTML source code as well, but since this method is easy, there’s really no use to add an app for it.

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